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As of Feb, 13, 2006, thousands of Savvy Veretekk Portal Marketing members are competing for top rankings in Google for the overused keyword free,” said JT McNaught, CEO and president of eBiz-IQ.com

Over three billion entries a currently indexed in Google for the keyword free. This is a significant challenge and a worthy test of the Veretekk Internet marketing system.

“Veretekk is the best proven, double opt-in fresh free lead generation system in the world today,” said McNaught. Thomas Pendergast and Mike Darling are the creators behind this amazing free lead generation system for MLM and Internet marketers. Veretekk has been responsible for the success of countless Internet marketers and MLM home-based businesses for more than ten years.

Free premium leads are almost impossible to obtain on on the Internet today except by using the Veretekk Marketing System. Most Free leads on the Internet are lists of names and email address that have been sold and resold so many times and now are given away free as an enticer to signup to a Web-site.

Veretekk used hundred of websites scattered all over the the Internet and the world. People signup to these sites and voluntarily provide their contact information in exchange for the great free services that Veretekk Portals offer.

The Veretekk member receives the hot free lead information in its Veretekk market center and can contact the fresh hot premium lead, for free, within minutes of having submitted their contact information.

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